Falling to Earth


A series of dreams, fragments of lost memories, and splashes of the future unfurl as a handful of wanderers move through an empty prairie landscape. An aging father with a magical gift on a quest for home, a bridge maiden who safeguards a lost dream, a man with a violin, a woman with a mischievous camera, a crashed-out motorcyclist, and two teenage lovers, all tend to their hurts and wishes. A pod of sperm whales and a dancing kite in the wind are all that knit one to another.


I am revisiting the synopsis of the film. I have evolved and matured substantially over the past few years. My perspective, my desires, my writing, and my approach to storytelling and cinematic prose have shifted. Content-wise I am exploring the meaning of home, and aspects of the absent father. These are ever-present themes for me, but I have fresh eyes and I hope to offer some new reflections in an old mirror. Formally, it might be said that I am returning to the origins of cinema. I will be shooting MOS style, in black and white, with a double system soundtrack. I plan to work with a small cast and crew, from a treatment that remains in flux and malleable.

Ultimately my goal with the Labcaf is to process the film for a new feature I want to shoot.  It is a 35mm b&w fiction film.

      Falling to Earth, rendered drawing by JD Arauz