The Movie

Ultimately my goal with the Labcaf is to process the film for a new feature I want to shoot.  It is a 35mm b&w fiction film.

I am revisiting the synopsis of the film. I have evolved and matured substantially over the past few years with the terminal diagnosis and death of my beloved partner, Susan Briscoe. Her life, vision, and recent death continue to have a profound effect on my perspective, my desires, my writing, and my approach to storytelling and cinematic poetry. There are numerous elements in the current synopsis that align with my awakened eyes and I will pluck those for any new incarnation of the film.

Harlan Falls (formerly Falling to Earth)

Synopsis: A pod of sperm whales tend to hundreds of cocoons that hold the spirits of those who have been gravely injured, who are comatose, and those near-dead. An old man, a father with a magical gift that would allow him to visit the whales and rescue his lost son finds himself haunted by his past and unable to help. The old man hasn’t been seen in years so the son’s mother and former girlfriend separately journey from far away and across a prairie sea with their own mission to bring everyone together.